Promises, Promises…

All right, everyone…

So, we’ve made a lot of promises these past several months – like new videos, new songs, new photos, etc.


as you can tell, we haven’t been able to make good on these YET.

We wanna be straight up with you guys, ’cause we love ya! So, honestly, we’ve been dealing with some health issues. As many of you know, Whitney’s been battling seizures due to a previous health issue since last summer, with the worst being in December and continuing through until just a couple weeks ago.

Mandie, has been officially diagnosed with a genetic cardiac condition which leaks unoxygenated blood back into her body (causing dizzy spells and fainting, etc.).

In short, it’s been no fun for anyone…and although Michaela hasn’t had any real health issues, the stress of dealing with two sisters/bandmates with health issues hasn’t been fun for her either. Not to mention that our mother is not even one year from when she was pronounced “cancer free” after her treatments at the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Zion, IL.

It’s been a loooooong run! We’re all fighting and doing so much better. We just don’t want you all to give up on us; we’re not giving up! NEVER!


We are being looked at by a MAJOR talent agency firm in Los Angeles/NYC/Nashville/London (we won’t say which one, but it’s a biggie!); which is very exciting!

We’ve also been asked to work with some big names in rock (again, won’t/can’t say, but they’re really talented and they’ve got lots of goodies under their belts).

After spending weeks and weeks at #1 on the rock charts on www.ourstage.com; we’ve officially been pitched to MTV for use on TV shows and commercials. We’re hoping and praying that they’ll fall for our music!

As for videos, we’ve got sooo many ideas in the works right now as we speak. A good friend of mine is married to a director in LA (he worked on James Cameron’s “Avatar”), and we had spoken to him in the past about making a really nice, professional video for one of our songs in Los Angeles. He said “yes”; so, once we get our health under control, we’re hoping to make a journey out to get that one on the way.

We’re going to start some really fun video blogs soon too. Michaela’s up in Iowa, visiting our mom and taking a break while our dad is down here in Branson with Whit and I and working at his office branch that’s located in town. We were hoping to have the first vids up this week, but it’s not going to happen now with her over 7 hours away!

All in all, there’s lots of good, fun, interesting, lovely things happening…it’s just been a long time coming…and a hard HARD long journey.

Speaking of journeys….it look as though we may be getting our Irish dual-citizenships finalized soon (we can do this, because our mom’s mother never became an American citizen when she moved here in late 50’s, early 60’s); so, we are all looking forward to taking a nice, long vacay and visiting our homeland in southern Ireland (Co. Cork – although, we’ll no doubt be traveling all over when we get there!).

OKAY…that’s been a lot of info! Thanks for reading, thanks for listening…thanks for the support! We can never thank all of you out there (and you know who you are) who continue to push for us, spread the word about our music, listen daily, etc. We are so grateful!

If you haven’t bought the CD yet, you can here on our site:


ALSO, our lawyers say that we’ll FINALLY be on iTunes soon (after a year wait!); so, keep looking out for us…we’ll put up a blog when that day FINALLY comes!

Well, that’s it, loves! Take care of yourselves and keep spreading hope and peace and so much love!


and the rest of TBB

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