TBB #1 Fan Fave and #2 Most Played!!!

Hey Everybody!

Did you watch the Oscars last night? We did – it’s always exciting; but wow, what a night! Congrats to all winners!

We woke up to a nice surprise ourselves: The Beautifully Broken is #1 on www.ourstage.com’s Rock “Fan Favorites” and #2 in the Rock “Most Played” Charts!!!! Wooo hooo! We are so grateful to all of you who have gone and listened and voted for us – we cannot thank you enough!

Another unexpected surprise on Ourstage was “Breakdown” making it on the R&B charts! We knew this little demo/CD offered a little bit of everything, but we didn’t expect songs in each genre to do as well as they’ve done! Again, we’re so thankful to have you guys out there rooting (and voting! 😉 for us!

So, how do you find us on this fun little site? Well, just go to www.ourstage.com (no need to create a login profile if you don’t want to, by the way) and click on the pull-down tab of “Music”, then find “Rock” among the selections (just plain, old “rock”), when you get there, click on “Charts”, then you’ll be able to choose “Fan Favorites” and “Most Played” where you’ll see US!

We are so excited to see what the future holds for us. If there’s one thing we took from watching the inspirational FIRST WOMAN to win a Best Director Academy Award, Katherine Bigelow, receive her Oscar last night, it’s that we MUST keep creating and pushing ourselves forward and knocking on doors! That’s the message for you too, our friends! Like we say in “Breakdown”…”now’s the time, today’s the day, you’ve got everything you need, so make that change, don’t hesitate, you’ve gotta move on to succeed!”

You can do it! We can do it! We wish you the very best today and all days! This is the start of something amazing…for ALL of us!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

The Beautifully Broken

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