TBB on Our Stage

Hey Guys!

We are so stoked to be able to say that The Beautifully Broken has been named #27 on the “New Artists to Watch” list on ultra-cool music site www.ourstage.com!

Our Stage is a place for independent artists to get their music heard by YOU the music-loving-public! Also, those who register on the site as a “fan” get to VOTE for tunes daily! You can do this one of 3 ways:

1. judge a 4-way battle (4 songs are put up at the same time, you listen to at least 15 seconds of each song, then drag and drop the songs into a 1 through 4 order, 1 being best and 4 worst)

2. judge a head-to-head battle (2 songs are put head-to-head to see which is better)

3. go to a specific band’s page or genre’s chart (from here you can go song by song and give up to 3 thumbs up or 3 thumbs down for the music you hear)

The power is all in YOUR hands, how cool, right??? We think so, because in the end YOUR opinions are what matter most to us!

Being in the “New Artists to Watch” category means that we’re already being played on Our Stage’s online, streaming radio station – woo hoo! BUUUUUT, we still REALLY need your help!

Go to www.ourstage.com, and make and account as a fan. Then, find our music one of the three ways and VOTE for us (or give us some major thumb action! :).

“Body Bags” is currently in the pop category for the month of October, and it NEEDS your help!!!! “Okay You Got Me” is in the rock category for November; so, you won’t see it in the battles yet, but you can still give it some thumbs up if you go to our music page (www.ourstage.com/epk/thebeautifullybroken).

So, if you’re into finding fab new music, pleasePleasePLEASE go to www.ourstage.com and VOTE FOR THE BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN!!!!

We’re so grateful for your help, guys! We REALLY need some wins to boost our morale right now (and the cash prize would be nice too ;)!!!!

ALSO, if you live in 417-Land, make sure you visit Indie Boutique (210 E. Walnut Ave. Springfield, MO) to vote for The Beautifully Broken’s designer, Evan Grimes! The t-shirt he designed for us is AMAZING! Truly! Go downtown, do some shopping, and drop some of those beautiful, little blue voting slips in the golden cauldron for us, won’tcha please??? 🙂

In all seriousness, Evan is an incredible designer; and he totally deserves to win Project Indie, so he can have his own line sold at Indie Boutique!!! Voting continues until October 31st! Winners are announced November 2nd at Indie’s b’day party! Woo hoo! So, come on out and help us out! You can VOTE as MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT in October as long as you’re an in-state resident AND you fill the ballots out INSIDE the store! Thanks for helping Evan and us out! We all appreciate it mucho!


Love and Kisses,

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