Upcoming Randy Bacon Photoshoot!

We just want to let everyone know that we’re still going strong and have some new things coming up within the next few months that will help us move forward with this new step in our musical lives!

One of the most exciting things on the books is a photoshoot with Mr. Randy Bacon in Springfield, MO! Randy’s work is award-winning and absolutely gorgeous! We are soooo stoked, and we can’t wait to show off these photos to all of you!

The problem: you’ll have to wait until January ’08 to see ’em! 🙁 I know, we’re bummed too…!!!!! 😉 But it’ll go faster than you (or we!) think! In the meantime, give his website a looksy – it’s pretty amazing: www.randybacon.com!

Also, we’ve got several new songs on the books to be recorded as well as a BRAND NEW WAY OF PLAYING OUT LIVE GIGS!!!! So, look for our posters if you’re in the Branson/Springfield, MO area…you might just be able to see us playing LIVE really SOON! 😉

Thanks for your continued support – we LOVE you all!

The Beautifully Broken!

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