Patience is a Virtue…

First, we’re tired of the rain…seriously. It’s been like weeks (it seems, or has it really been? we don’t even know anymore!) of gloomy, sunless, Sleepy Hollow-esque days – everything’s misty…and wet. We’re sick of it already!

Second, we’re working on music. We really are. We’ve got like 10 more songs coming – but here’s the deal: we’re finishing them all BEFORE we go into the studio again. That way, our album will be DONE after this next round of studio time instead of only “half-way” or “almost” like we feel we have been since we started this whole thing.

So, we’re trying to be patient; because it’s a virtue, right? Patient with the rain and the mist (“Scotch Mist”! Ha ha! Anyone watch “Garth Merengue’s ‘Dark Place'”????)…and patient with ourselves. We’ve got some really good stuff coming, and we’re not just saying that because we’re us. 🙂

I guess we’re sorta hoping you all will be patient with us too???? We’re so appreciative to those of you who keep contacting us every so often just to check up or leave a nice comment or encouraging word. It’s so hard to keep your spirits up when you know (and often because you HEAR it for yourself) that people don’t think you’ll finish your CD (or any goal for yourself) or do anything significant…we just want to say that we’re still here…still writing…still fighting!

All that said, we really don’t dwell on things like that…I am mostly saying that for your benefit; so you know where we’re coming from. 🙂 We’re super excited for all that the future holds for us and can’t wait to show you all what we’re working on!

It’s coming soon…if we can all only be patient!!! 🙂

and the rest of TBB

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