Hello, Hello All!

Well, it’s official. After two hard, LOOOONNNGGG years, the album was finished today! It seems so unreal. We still have mixing and mastering and pressing and sending off to do, BUT…did I mention that it’s DONE?! Because, yeah, it IS!

We are so grateful to Jeff Smith at Studio 2100 for his guidance and support. He has been the real glue holding this project together! Todd Gummerman’s genius has proven invaluable; we couldn’t have done it without him. And our three drummers (ha!) John Anderson, Michael Cunningham, and Marty Lovelace always held it down for us! This is as much their victory as ours!

The latest three songs are so fabulous and fun; we hope you’ll like them. However, you’ll have to wait for the album release to hear them. They are MUCH closer to the feeling of the next album (which, yes, we have already begun writing!). So, you’ll get a little preview of what’s coming up next (and no, we’re not taking two more years to write the next album!).

OTHER NEWS: Well, we’re going to be having our official album artwork photoshoot with Kyle Lane within the next couple of weeks (thank God we’ve all been “shredding it” with Jillian Michaels!)…so, that will be fun and is yet another step to getting this album completely done and in your hands!

Then, we’ve just heard that we’re most likely going to L.A. to make our first official music video! We’re super excited to be working with the director; so, we’ll keep you all updated when we leave, release it, etc.

Hopefully, if everyone’s calculations are correct (ha ha!), things should start rolling pretty quickly from here on out… We just want to let those of you who have been with us from the beginning that we appreciate you so very much! When we hear people around us talking about MTV, VH1, Starbucks deals, and iTunes – well, we just think of you. Because you believed in us when nobody else did, not even ourselves.

So – THANK YOU! We love you!

-The Beautifully Broken (TM)

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