VOTES NEEDED! Atlantic Records Contest!

Hello Everyone!

Very important news here, and we need YOUR help!

We just got wind today from a talent scout of a contest being held on www.trifame.com! Essentially, we entered three songs; and if any one of them get into the top 3 by May 22nd (yeah, kinda short on time!), then we get to pitch our music to A&R at Atlantic Records!

It’s an absolute chance of a lifetime, and we’re super stoked about it! The only problem??? We just found out today, and everyone else has known since October! SOOOOOOOOO, we REALLY need YOUR help on this!!!

Just go to www.trifame.com and look for us under “most recent” or “view entries” of the Atlantic Records Contest on the lower, right-hand side of the site homepage. OR, go to one of the following to go directly to the song that you want to vote for:

To vote for “Okay You Got Me”, click here: http://www.trifame.com/VoteEntry.aspx?v=19712

To vote for “Body Bags”, click here: http://www.trifame.com/VoteEntry.aspx?v=19711

To vote for “Idiot”, click here: http://www.trifame.com/VoteEntry.aspx?v=19713

We will never be able to thank you all enough for doing this for us! We REALLY and TRULY appreciate it!!!! We’ve been going through so much health-wise these past few months, this would really lift our spirits to be able to put up a good fight on this; so, thanks in advance!!!!

The Beautifully Broken
*mandie, michaela, and whitney*

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