This is just a note to those of you who have been checking out our page…it’s only been two days and already so many of you have added us and written us and called…

I just want to say that it means a lot to us; so, thank you all soooo much! Keep spreading the word – tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends!!!! We’re back in the studio in mid-April, late May, and early June…after that we’re taking a little break for Michaela’s wedding (July 7th! Woo hoo!) back in Iowa and another wedding Whitney and I will be attending in Maine.

But sit tight, because we’ll be back with even more great music! We should be playing Springfield really soon – the plan is by the end of April…so, keep checking this page to get updates!

Again, thanks so much for your support – it is greatly appreciated by us all!!!!

Love and Hugs,

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